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Ditch the East Coast for Samoa

Summer delivers a mixed bag for surfers. Without getting all synoptic and referencing El Nino vs La Nina surface temperatures or delivering lengthy forecasts spiels that may or may not occur, you're kinda left with the usual suspects. The usual suspects being, infrequent, mainly wind swell pulses, early and persistent on shores and those annoying little floating sacks of stingy hatred (blue bottles) that hitch a lift off the trade winds. 

There's The Crowds

Ohhhh.... and the people. The crowds who didn't commit to pre-dawn paddles covered in rubber, the people who ditched clean winter swells for warm fluffy blankets, a couple of extra hours and maybe a snuggle. You shouldn't blame them really but they add to the crowds that the icy winds and long periods of dark thinned out.

Is the Australian Summer of Surf a Perpetuated Myth to Help Sell?

According to stereotypes and advertising, summer is all about running down the beach board under arm, hitting the perfect peelers with the sunrise then washing off the salt and scoffing down some breakfast before heading off to work invigorated. Now, depending on which consumer good is in focus you either internalised a car ad or breakfast cereal commercial… the truth of summer for Australian Surfers is a lot different.

Our Point?

The point is, the long romanticised summer filled with surf and sunshine probably hasn't happened since you left high-school and even then it may have only been so good because... well, wasn't everything better back then? No, the Aussie summer of surf can at best can be described as a mixed bag. Like Forrest Gump’s Box of chocolates... “you never know what you’re gonna get” But you’re almost guaranteed it’s going to be one of the shitty ones probably with nuts or liquorice… well, you get the picture and the point of this article.

Head off for summer - we've heard that Samoa's nice this time of year :).

Where to Get Your Head Down When Staying in Samoa

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