Cheat Notes - PPass (Palikir Pass)

By Steve Adam | 16th Feb 2022

Ppass cheat notes with Allois from Pohnpei Surf Club, Micronesia. Allois tells us the secrets of the break as well as what board to bring if you want a taste of this paradise.

THE WAVE: Palikir Pass is by far the best and most consistent wave in the region. Most swells hit Pohnpei from September to March/April. December January and February are peak season. During the early season we usually get lighter winds, and different breaks works with swells from typhoons and the north.
On north swells and trade winds, Palikir is the wave to go. 

WHAT BOARD TO BRING: You can ride any board at Palikir depending on your ability! Overall it is a small board wave. Even on the bigger days surfers are using boards around 6’6ft, and smaller boards on the smaller days.
Pohnpei is not waves every day, so be ready to enjoy the surf, if not, the island has plenty of other breaks to offer.

Pohnpei Surf Club - PPASS
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Pictures tell a thousand words and this place rocks! Pohnpei Surf Club is located in Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands (think western Pacif...


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