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7 waves you need to surf in the Maldives

It is no secret that nuzzled amongst the 1,100 islands that make up the Maldives, there are pristine and ripe surfing setups capable of delivering some of the most ripable waves on the planet.

You see, those 26 atolls that make up the Indian Ocean nation, harbour dozens of AAA surf spots, consisting of points and reefs, all shrouded in blazing tropical splendour that accommodates the travelling surfer of any ability level.

As with any pumping setup across the planet, there are a plethora of companies and resorts for you to pick your way through, if you choose to drop some time in the Maldives. But the Hudhuranfushi Resort, handily located in the heart of the North Male Atolls, is within striking distance of a wide range of dazzling spots. Visitors to the resort will have exclusive use of Lohis, the jewel of the North Male Atolls.

Here, we'll run you through 7 of the greatest spots on tap for you to indulge in, all handily located close to Hudhuranfushi.

Lohifushi aka – Lohis (Out the front)

The crown jewel of the North Male Atolls is Lohis. A long wackable left-hander that breaks off Hudhuranfushi Resort. Best conditions are a S or SE swell and light West to North-West winds.
Highly regarded as the Maldives' most consistent wave having hosted WQS events in the past. Get barrelled at the take-off and then rip the wall apart or just continue to set your line for one of the longest barrels of your life.

Jails or Jailbreaks (25mins boat)

A classic right-hander with three distinct sections including a mid-barrel section and rides of 300 plus metres on its days.

Thanburudhoo Island aka– Sultans and Honkeys (15mins boat)

Everybody loves Sultans as it's one of the most user-friendly rights on the planet, with long workable walls and some great barrel opportunities. Will handle a bit of a crowd due to the length of the wave and several take off regions. Extremely consistent. The left (Honkeys) is a super fun left-hander with a fairly mellow take-off. Down the line, the wave will jack and offer a wackable wall. It then bends 90-degrees hitting a section of the wave that wedges together, throwing the lip well and truly over your head.

Ninjas (5 min boat)

Is a fun right-hander visible from the Lohis deck. Suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers. On a small day (2-4ft) the wave hugs the reef, producing an easy takeoff into a fast middle section perfect for turns. On a bigger swell the wave fattens out and is more suitable for longboarding or a standup paddle board.


A classic right-hander with three distinct sections including a mid-barrel section and rides of 300 plus metres on its days.


A stone's throw from Cokes, just across the channel is Chickens. A left-hander named after the wild chickens that roam the island it breaks off. Chickens is the northern most break in the North Male atolls which means it’s a swell magnet that can handle anything from 2ft-14ft.

On smaller days, it has three sections. One up the reef, middle section and an inside section. On bigger days of 5ft plus, these sections all link together with 400 plus metre rides producing one of the most memorable waves you will ever experience.

World Surfaris have been sending surfers to the resort for more than 10-years. Surfers have exclusive and unlimited access to Lohis. As part of your surf package, local boat trips to all the other waves will be included. These boat trips operate twice a day at 9:30am – 12noon and 3:30pm – 6pm. Giving you a complete smorgasbord of world-class breaks to choose from any given day.

This article was originally published on Magic SeaWeed 

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