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5 Trips That Your Non-Surfing Partner Will Love Too

Marrying the annual surf trip with a romantic escape is a tough gig. With annual leave the rare commodity that it is, you can't afford to be frivolous. And, let’s face it, not everyone has the understanding partner that happily turns around and nonchalantly declares “That’s okay Dear, you go on that surf trip and I’ll stay here and look after the kids/house/dog [insert life commitment here].” Freeing you up to kick back and charge hard… If ever you’ve heard that statement come from your partners mouth, then we can guarantee it was dripping with enough acidic sarcasm to burns holes in the flooring. If it was a genuine offer, you’re onto a winner and DON’T EVER leave that person.

For the rest of us - if you want a trip of a lifetime that won’t end in chilly silences and conversations that feature the words ‘selfish’ or ‘bastard’ in every second sentence, this article is for you. Here are five surf trips that will keep everybody happy. We’ve even done the pitch for you...

1. Hudhuranfushi Resort , Maldives.

For the Surfer

Exclusive Wave (Lohi’s Left) out front and limited surfer numbers capped at 45. Quick and frequent access to other North Male waves including Cokes, Sultans, Honky’s, Jailbreaks. Plus super star Surf Managers Richard and Amy Kotch and their band of local surf guides to ensure you’re on the best wave on the day, no matter the conditions.

For the Non-Surfer

Aside from exploring an exclusive tropical island, Hudhuranfushi offers its fair share of extra activities that guarantee a relaxing holiday. We’d break it down to three types; active, relaxing and fun. If you’re Active - Choose from tennis, a round of squash, hit the gym, join the yoga class, get some physiotherapy then recharge and repeat. If only one of you surf, this is a great couple activity. Rather relax? Head to the Chavana Day Spa and treat yourself. Choose from aromatherapies to facials and wraps. In for some fun instead? Try your hand at windsurfing, banana rides, snorkelling the reef, kite surfing, cycle the island or if you’re into diving… well you’re definitely at the right place.

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2. Kingfisher Resort, Mentawais.

For the Surfer

Be greeted by Lance’s Left directly out front of your bungalow. Need more… really? It’s the Mentawais! By staying at Kingfisher Resort, you’re placed smack back in the middle of the surfers' Disneyland. If you’ve never been to the Mentawais, then you’re way overdue to make this pilgrimage. If you’ve already been, then you don’t need us to convince you of its virtues.

For the Non-Surfer

Kingfisher Resort will let you ‘disconnect’. But more like ‘disconnect’ while being surrounded by the creature comforts that have become the hallmarks of civilisation over the last few decades. Things like Air Conditioning, TV, super comfy beds and yes… WiFi. So where does the ‘disconnect’ part come in? Well… that’s up to you. You’ll have the free time to focus on relaxing. Finish that novel, sleep in, eat well, surround yourself with nature and enjoy the white sand, palm-fringed beaches and beautiful reef. Need more? Go for a snorkel, give wood-carving a go, do some trekking or head out on a bicycle and discover.

Finally, well… ummm… staying at Kingfisher Resort, you might have to use your imagination, but hey as a couple… ahem… that might be a good thing and just what the doctor ordered… as it were ;).

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3. Matanivusi Resort, Fiji

For the Surfer

Welcome to Fiji, pretty darn close to the east coast of Australia (we’re talking three hours time difference) so you can hit the ground more or less running with zero jetlag. A diverse range of waves break close to Matanivusi Resort. From fun 4ft ‘Shifties’ to the hollow and fast ‘J’s’ and the ever playful ‘Vunaniu’. Plus the usual Fijian suspects of ‘Frigates’, ‘Shifties’ and even ‘Cloudbreak’.

For the Non-Surfer 

Matanivusi Resort is located on the Coral Coast, it’s more tucked away and has that ‘exclusive’ feeling that makes it an ideal couples retreat as much as a surfing holiday. You might want to think of it as more of a romantic holiday that features surfing rather than the other way around. Stunning surrounds, Eco-Friendly and very plush lodgings make this trip an ideal compromise for surfers and non-surfers. As a couple, you can enjoy trekking, snorkelling, a whole host of local experiences, SUP’ing, massages, white water rafting, mountain biking and way more. Donna and Brian (the owners) go above and beyond for their guests, so by the time you’re ready to leave, you’ve made some friends who you can’t wait to see again.

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4. Ratu Motu, West Sumatra

For the Surfer

We’re not going to lie, if you need someone to take on this trip, we’ll volunteer and some of us would even pretend to be your partner (eh, big boy). Ratu Motu will deliver you to idyllic breaks throughout the Mentawais, Telos Islands, Nias, Banyaks and Banda Aceh. You’ll be surfed out daily but you’ll also be having some of the best downtime you’ve ever experienced, so you’ll be able to keep going. Again and again and again and again… you get the idea.

For the Non Surfer

Diving, SUP, Jetskiing, Island hopping, health treatments, snorkelling, eco and cultural tours, exploring uninhabited white sandy beaches and finding peace and contentment surrounded by 5 star floating luxury - you’d be surprised at how easy this is to find under it these circumstances. Seriously, if you need to sell this trip to a non-surfer just send them the link below… if the answer remains a resounding ‘NO’, then remember our offer is still on the table ;).

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5. MV Adora, Maldives

For the Surfer

Welcome to the North Male Atolls, jump on in, we can assure the water is perfect! Surfing the North Male Atolls, you’ll explore a great variety of reef breaks. A smorgasbord of waves from mellow walls to gnarlier hollow pits - there can be a crowd factor here but our VERY experienced guides know where to go to get you the waves you’ve been dreaming of.

For the Non-Surfer

If you’re going to be floating around tropical paradise, you should at least be doing it in style, right? MV Adora is one of the most comfortable vessels to be found cruising around the Indian Ocean. While you won’t inundated with things to do, you’ll have ample opportunity to relax, enjoy fine Maldivian Dining and take in the beauty of the North Male atolls. If you’re adventurous, you can go diving, snorkelling or fishing. MV Adora is a seven-night trip, which for the non-surfer, is a pretty darn reasonable amount of time to float around in luxury and live the dream.

So, how about it?

There you have it. Five surf trips that will certainly keep that special non-surfer in your life happy. Relationships are all about compromise - right? And we’d be happy to compromise on any of the above trips. So how about you?

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