Slow shutters and fast barrels – Aura’s August Surf Report

“2016 has flown by, its already Spring (or Autumn depending which half of the globe you reside in).

But the swell keeps coming and September through to November tends to be one of our favorite times up here. The island starts to wind down into an even sleepier pace whilst the waves keep marching in. So pack your bags and get yourself to Aura before the year ends.

Some solid days throughout August, although the sun may have been a little uncooperative. The Peak has been cleaning up and the boat trips have serving up the goods”.

Big thanks to Aura’s resident photographer Charlie Cullen for the pics.
See you soon!
Aura Surf Resort

Jimmy makin it look too easy

Slow it dowwwnnnnn

The set up

Stay to the left

Stick figure surfer

Master at work

Behind the dunes

Silver gold

P fly in his happy place

Buffalo round up

Passing time watching rice grow

Head for the light

Its a bigger drop than you’d think

The commute

Gettin lippy

The art of flight

Tropic haze


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