A real tropical paradise: palm trees, blue lagoon, surf out front.
Mike Maguire
January 2014
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A real tropical paradise: palm trees, blue lagoon, surf out front.  Fresh fruit salad and choice of hot breakfasts. My fav was 3x banana pancakes with maple syrup. Sandwiches and rolls made for you at lunch for a few dollars.. Dinners were a buffet of two mains and lots ot of salad, veges etc...10/10.  A choice of levels from budget through to premium... The premium, tho a little more costly was worth it as I was travelling with a non surfing girlfriend who valued the TV/DVD and own toilet and shower. View firm bed was spectacular!  Boat not really offered to get to outer reefs. First 4 days was 3-4ft of hollow waves right out front.

We then had Cyclone Alan for a couple of days so boat put away... Surfed straight out front so no Surf Guide input was really needed.  This was a barrel feast. Got a coverup on most waves. My favourite was 4-5ft Lighthouse Outer with only two of us out. Only 2 duck dives in 2hrs and full covers on nearly every wave. The sucky little left handler in front of the resort was my next favourite... Fast little barrels in shallow, clear water.  Snorkelling and swimming... Swam most nights in the lagoon after dinner. Trips to town, table tennis etc. or just watching DVDs, talking etc.  Words can not express the friendliness of the staff!  

The ladies are awesome!  I have booked for next year already, 2 days after we returned. Didn't want to miss out.  Go with no expectations of the surf and whatever you get will be a bonus. Take lots of block out. Take snorkelling gear. Be surf fit for lots of paddling. Expect some coral cuts, so take some Betadine etc.  Have fun!  If flying Virgin, download the Virgin entertainment app on your phone or ipad and watch movies, tv etc on the flights. Makes the flight easier...

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