Luke Sullivan

Classy boat

Classy boat….very well kept and clean. Great crew and maintanence/service constant. The crew are seasoned Indo’s and really know what they are doing! Oustanding variety and quality…it’s a shame to have to go home! The chef is amazing and dishes up fresh and tasteful dishes everytime….omelettes in the morning, if you get the fish taco’s for lunch you have scored big-time, dinners vary and are filling and very surprising….A PLUS!! Been on a few boats and you definately get what you pay for…comfort is good, rocks a bit but don’t they all?Top deck is ace for chillin’ out and watchin ya mates get slotted. No hiccups at all, everyone was exactly where they were meant to be and helpfull. The boat drivers are skilled and careful at what they do and happy to ferry you back and forth (I think? lol!)  Can’t complain….when all the other boats end up following you around, you could just be leading the way! Found some little hidden gems and surfed alone, so that’s a big bonus! Conditions were tricky (bad winds) but we still scored well!  On average Good with a few Very good days and one Excellent day….hard when the wind is evil and doesn’t let up. It’s always a luck of the draw anyway! We fished, snorkelled, and drank beer….oh and you could always watch a movie,sleep or listen to music. Can’t rate the crew highly enough! All were super friendly (bordering on funny -as shit!) and helpfull despite being tired! Great Crew!!! No hestation returning here with this boat and awesome crew! A class act, needs very little polishing. Take something to help sleep if you fly Air Asia…it can be a tightly packed and painful flight….but you’re nearly home so toughen up princess!

Luke S

Trip: Moon Palikir – Mentawai Surf Charters
Date of StayJune 2013
Surf Stoke3
Quality of Food5

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