Off the hook - never to be topped!
Geoff O'Connell
05-12 October 2014
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This was our third trip with World Surfaris. On the plane on the way home last year the three of us agreed it was the best trip ever and it would never be outdone. How wrong were we? From being met by 10 staff at midnight to being sent off with hugs and well wishes of 8 staff, the trip was flawless. The food went up a notch, the staff were so accommodating, and we were taken to the Sunset restaurant by the General Manager and CEO of the resort. Having capped numbers was unbelievable, 15 only on island, I spent 4 hours a day surfing Lohi’s classic left, 5 of us in the water ripping down 150 meters of head high glass with Richard Kotch in the water taking amazing photos of us. Sultans for a mid-morning was also all time with 2 foot overhead rights ripping into the channel, even some doggy door barrels were had and yet again Rich was in the water snapping away for us.

I have travelled the world surfing and stayed in some of the best resorts money can buy, my thoughts of the staff, facility and Richard and Amy Kotch is that it can’t compete against the staff in these 6 star resorts because “They are far better”

A bucket list must for any surfer, regardless of skill.



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