Daniel Zen

Perfect 4-6+ foot every day - the peak is a machine.

Hey Cathy, Had the most awesome trip!  Perfect 4-6+ foot every day – the peak is a machine.  Once again the food was just fantastic – mostly haunted Ali’s (at Nungas) where Craig and Bernie presented Ali and Watti & Kids with Cricket bats and balls (Ali loves cricket), also Fatma’s where I was going to work with Honky on baking bread /brioche buns etc (I used to own a Wholesale bakery) but Honky was too flat out so we will do this online…  On the second last night I got bitten by some kind of centrepede and hence ended up with a fever- also spend a fair amount of time on the reefs so had a few coral cuts.  I ended up on antibiotics as soon as I landed – but it was all worth it.  Regards, Daniel Zen

Daniel Z

Date of Stay11-21 Jun 2017
Surf Stoke5
Quality of Food5

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