Sri Lanka

A destination of suspense and surprise. A cultural explosion and real adventure for the traveller at heart. Sri Lanka is a sensory sensation destination that will leave you bursting with excitement and a new favorite mark on your world map! With golden sand beaches that are fairly untouched, Sri Lanka is a great surfing haven and a perfect place to relax and retreat!  It is the real deal – real people – real food – real adventure and real SURF. 

We will confess that we have been sitting on the fence for a while to see what happens with the surf scene in Sri Lanka.  We had heard about Arugam Bay and Hikkadawa experiencing over-populating at peak times with free range surfers, so we went and had a good and proper look for ourselves. And we are delighted to report that there are some real gems to be experienced. 

The surfing season on the West coast of Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa way) begins in late October and continues through to April/May. The surfing season on the East coast of Sri Lanka (Arugam Bay way) begins in May and goes to September/October. Then there is the South Coast, which benefits from every swell that hits either of these coasts. The South Coast is an excellent and central location for a learn to surf or a mellow surfing experience.

World Surfaris is delighted to be able to offer surf trips in each of these regions. We've hand-picked some great places to be based and chill out between surf adventures.  Sri Lanka offers so much more than surf and is a very affordable family holiday.  And always remember that Sri Lanka is only an hour's flight to the Maldives.....

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