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Rote Island

Heaven on Earth, Rote Island is an untouched beauty in the southernmost part of Indonesia. Well-known with a select bunch of surfers, divers and off-the-beaten-path travellers, this unique island is one of the most beautiful locations in Indonesia. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘Bali 20 years ago’, Rote Island is a remote surfer’s paradise located southwest of West Timor and 500 km northwest of Australia. It’s the ultimate destination to switch off, relax, ride amazing waves and explore. 

A dream location with pumping waves, Rote Island is a year-round spot for solo travellers, couples, groups and families. Only a short trip from Bali, Rote Island attracts surfers and non-surfers alike, with plenty to do and lots of time to relax. 

Whether you want to be out in the waves, watching the surf through the coconut trees, or out and about getting to know the friendly locals, Rote Island is the perfect holiday destination. 

Soak up the unique culture of this island paradise, be dazzled by the pristine white sandy beaches, watch the sunset with a drink in hand and discover the hidden treasures beneath the clear turquoise waters. Rote Island is the ultimate tropical getaway! 

World Surfaris partners with a handful of unique Rote Island surf resorts to offer travellers an unforgettable experience in one of Indonesia’s most secluded and stunning surfing destinations.

Whether you love surfing, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, immersing yourself in local culture, or just kicking back doing nothing, Rote Island offers a chance to escape reality and explore a true tropical paradise. 


The Indonesian archipelago is well-known for its consistent swell and unbelievable waves, and Rote Island is no exception. World-class waves in a tropical paradise await you, with unforgettable surf experiences for surfers of all levels. 

Rote Island’s most well-known wave, T-Land, is also one of the world’s most sought after surf spots. Often compared with G-Land, it’s one of the longest and most perfect waves in Indonesia. 

Prepare to embark on an epic surf trip to Rote Island and explore secluded surf breaks with no one else in the water. Other waves in the area include The Bommie in Nemberala Bay, Boa, Suckies (AKA Sucky Mamas), Squealers, and plenty of other secret spots waiting to be discovered. 

The dry season (March to November) has the most consistent surf conditions, with off-shore east-southeast trade winds and less rain. Whether you’re an experienced surfer looking for a challenge, or a beginner learning to surf, Rote Island will keep you coming back for more.


Swell:  SSW
Winds:  Rote Island thrives with the trade winds coming from the East

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T-Land Resort – Nemberala
T-Land Resort – Nemberala
Rote Island
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Seed Resort Rote
Seed Resort Rote
Indonesia - Rote Island

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Rote Island, where pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and epic waves await. Indulge in a tropical island...

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