Surf the world’s best right-hander – P Pass. Pictures tell a thousand words. This place rocks.

Allois is an awesome host and he has fast boats to whisk you to world class waves. Get in early as there are limited spaces for their October to April surf season. The NEW Pohnpei Surf Club is located in Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia. Pohnpei is by far the most consistent surfing area in the region, due to the open facing reefs catching all swell directions. Take the trip and tick P-Pass off your bucket barrel list! 


– Micronesia

P-Pass – World’s best right – no crowds
Bottom Type:  Reef – Variety – majority of waves are hollow 

Pohnpei is the most wind friendly island in all of the Caroline Islands (Micronesia).  The Trade Winds are the predominant wind throughout out the Carolines.  These winds are offshore and side offshore for most breaks on the north side of the island of Pohnpei.  Even on days when the trades are blowing strong, P-Pass and Main Pass hold their perfection.  If the wind blows side off shore, the waves wrap the reef so much that the inside section faces perfect off shore conditions, the reef blocking the wind chop.  On other islands of the Carolines (Kosrae), the trade winds blow side shore to on shore.  Even light trade winds (the predominant wind on the region) will blow out the only decent break on the north side of Kosrae.  The reef at P-Pass (Palikir) is one of the easiest user friendly reefs in Micronesia.  P-Pass can be surfed at any tide, with no booties required.  On other Micronesian islands, low tides mean exposed dry reef and even the medium tides can be pretty sketchy, shorter rides and even exposed coral heads.  In Pohnpei, you can surf all day, no waiting for the tide, not to mention, you can surf on Sundays (on some Micronesian Islands, Sunday is a sacred day and you cannot work or surf). It is a law!  Pohnpei has the longest, most consistent, rideable wave on any tide or swell coming from the N, NW and NE out of all the Caroline Islands (Micronesia).  Pohnpei is exposed to Typhoon swells to the west and strong north swells without anything blocking the swells for 2000 miles. The Carolines can get fickle, however P-Pass is the wave magnet of the region.


Swell:  Any type of Nth 
Wind:  Surf all-round the island so variable 

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Pohnpei Surf Club – PPASS
Pohnpei Surf Club – PPASS

Limited surfer numbers / epic fishing!   500 miles north of the equator sits this remote chain of islands forgotten in time… towering mountains, lush...

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