A hand picked range of unique accommodation options - Bali needs no introduction to surfers and it's common knowledge that Bali is the Hawaii of the Indian Ocean, with dozens of quality breaks that are popular with surfers from all corners of the planet. World Surfaris has an office in Bali and we have a fleet of vehicles with drivers and local surf guides to assist you in escaping the crowd. It's still possible to surf uncrowded waves in Bali - if you don't mind giving Ulu's a miss in the middle of the day and beating a path less trodden with the help of some expert local surfer guides.

Our team at World Surfaris have personally hand-picked  a range of awesome accommodation options in close proximity to Bali's best waves that will keep your family and non-surfing partners very happy. Our staff can personally attest to the quality of the accommodation that we offer. If you're looking for an el cheapo Bali package and are happy to brave the masses and do it yourself, then we probably can't help you. However, if you're after some expert advice on the best places to stay and surf, whilst satisfying the entire travelling party, then speak with one of our expert consultants. We love Bali and we're sure we can show you a side of this wonderful island that you didn't think was possible.

Our Bali range is divided into 4 regions and we encourage you to combine stays in different regions on your Bali surf trip to experience a variety of waves and experiences. If you have a couple of weeks, World Surfaris make it easy and affordable to add-on other Indonesian regions such Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa, Timor or Java. 

Click here for an amazing Bali surf photo gallery by Jason Childs. 

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