Our Top Trips for Longboarders Around the Globe


Put your toes on the nose and dip into our top hand-picked longboarding trips around the globe, as chosen by the team here at World Surfaris. 


7. Taiwan Surf Adventures, Taiwan

The first in our longboarder count down is Taiwan Surf Adventures. Although Taiwan is often thought of as the Mecca of barrelling beach breaks, there is plenty of variety throughout the region and plenty to cater for longboarders. Both the East and South Coasts can be yours to enjoy on a longboard surf adventure to Taiwan. As you jet into the city of Kaohsiung (just a short flight from Hong Kong), the island below greets you with majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins and inlets, tropical beaches and green forests. High-rise buildings and ancient temples play backdrop to numerous breaks that are longboard-friendly. Be spoiled for choice of waves with open faces and predictable smooth peaks on your Taiwan Surf Adventure.


6. Indo Cat, Nusa Tengarra

At number 6 we get you on board Indo Cat - Nusa Tenggara Charters for the longboarders looking to take it up a notch or two. Your trip will always start and finish at Awang Bay (Ekas) but that's where the similarities between tours ends, as owner-operator-surfguide Neville will take you to where it's peaking, depending on conditions. The picturesque and tranquil Awang Bay and surrounds are stunning and the coral well worth snorkeling - if you can drag yourself away from the amazing waves on offer. Inside Ekas, in particular, is a longboarding delight.


5. Nusa Island Retreat, PNG

The local people on these islands are peaceful, relaxed and friendly - just like the surf. Nusa Island Retreat is owned and operated by the Keane family (an Australian family) who, between them, have spent more than 30 years in PNG and know the best spots in the best conditions. The Keane brothers' (Shaun and Nick) intimate knowledge of the surf spots in the area means you can be assured of comfortable plank-walking (if that's your style) - all day, every day.


4. Telo Island Lodge, Indonesia

Telo Island Lodge is located in a beautiful landscaped coconut grove on the remote island of Sibranun, in the Telo Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia. Some of the most consistent waves in the Telo region are in the front and back yard of the Lodge, where there are many breaks close by and the waves are "not too heavy, not too light," according to the locals. The Lodge sits on a white sand beach fronting a lagoon that features three small islets and a fantastic right-hand reef / point wave directly in front of it. Longboarders will find fun here.


3. Balian Villa, Bali

Balian is a relaxing place to stay, yet still relatively close to the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Legian & Seminyak - if you wish to party and shop after longboarding to exhaustion. The consistency of Balian makes it a treat for surfers young and old, no matter the weapon of choice.  


2. Tupira Surf Club, PNG

The limestone seabed punctuates user-friendly breaks in this region where strict local legislation means crowds are of no concern. The surf management plan in the Ulingan Bay area is capped at 20 surfers, with Tupira Surf Club accepting a maximum of 12 surfers at any one time. As well as a delightful right-hander directly out the front of the Club, there are half a dozen, easily accessible breaks within a short distance by car. Enjoy surfing this new frontier with only a select few.


1. The Maldives

At number 1, we had to make it the Maldives - an inspiring surf destination that should be on the bucket list of every surfer. With a plethora of smooth, green peelers and clean coral playgrounds to choose from, Maldives trips have quite rightly become popular. With many Atolls and trips to choose from, you need knowledgeable, expert advice to get you into the Maldives and away from the crowds. Enter: World Surfaris. We will get you onto the waves that roll in consistently throughout this "surfers' paradise" - and you can let your longboard do the talking.

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