2018 Surf Charter Specials

'Get Your Group-On' Charter Sale!

Are you sick of surf spam being blasted across your computer screen on a daily basis? Are you sick of seeing a group of mates, Beers in hand, on the top deck of a charter boat, grinning ear to ear as the sun sets on another barrel filled day!?

This year we have opened the flood gates early, and released the 2018 Indonesia/ Maldives charter schedule alongside our famous “Get your Group-On” charter sale! We have our cheapest group rates ever to reward your diligence and forward planning! Not only do you get first dibs on the trip dates of your choice, you get the BEST price possible by getting your Group-on early! Winner winner!

So whilst you while away the hours at work dreaming of warmer water, perfect waves, palm fringed backdrops and post session beers with the crew, take a look at the handpicked charter list below, get onto the team and Get your group-on today to save big time on 2018 full group charters!!!!

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Our 2018 Indonesia & Maldives charter schedule has been released early

Book your 2018 surf charter early and take advantage of our cheapest group rates to reward your diligence and forward planning!

Get first dibs on your preferred trip dates and best price possible.

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