Playgrounds, Burger World, Lance’s Left, Lance’s Right, Maccas & Thunders…. onboard Moon Palikir in May!

Trip 6 for Moon Palikir (10-22 May 2016) started at the Playgrounds area to warm up the turbines of our guests. We got a 4 feet Burger World that filled up the belly of our clients, and on day two we sailed to Nipussi seeking the best conditions in accordance with the direction of the wind that was blowing.

Looking forward to the swell predicted for the 16th, we moved to Lance’s Left where our guests could train their surfing lines on the wide walls of the wave.  On time, we moved to Lance’s Right, arriving for the swell that hit the bench in complete perfection, pumping tubes and more tubes in a classic day of HT’s.


In sequence, after many tubular rights surfed, the boat pointed to Macaronis where we caught the peak of the swell.  We arrived at dawn and while the daylight came, the perfect lines of the waves began to improve until it got to be one of the best Maccas you can get. The period and direction were perfect and Maccas was spicy, breaking barrels of 6 solid feet which could be easily mistaken for Greenbush.  The crowd in the water was intense, with 5 boats anchored at the bay, but the waves were coming in large quantities, enough for everyone to get satisfied. Highlight for the pro-surfers Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Noa Dane, Ozzie Wright and Taj Burrow who were in the boat anchored next to us, and performed a superb surf show with deep barrels and modern maneuvers, using all sorts of boards and innovating in the aerials and turns.

After two days of classic lefts in Maccas, we descended further south to surf a soft Roxy and please every guest from our boat with different surfing levels.  The next move was to Thunders Left, breaking 5 feet waves and made the heads of the goofy footers of the trip.


To end up the trip, without saving efforts, we turned back to Lance’s Left where our guests could enjoy the last day of the trip surfing in conditions that only Mentawai has to offer. With waves of 4 feet, sunny sky, warm water and no wind, the day that every surfer dreams on.  Trip ended, we sailed back to Padang with happy and satisfied clients with their  luggage packed with high quality waves and lots of pictures to remember their best moments in the Mentawais!

Thanks to photographer Paulo Mendes for the gallery!

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