Mechanical Madness – Telo Island Lodge

“Max’s Left, Max’s Right and Bubble have been great to our guests this week with some incredibly clean mechanical waves nurtured by light breezes to produce some stellar Telo’s conditions. Jumping the gun early before breakfast, we arrived to empty walls at Max’s Left which was peeling down the line at around 2-4ft. A quick visit to Max’s Right on the way home was a fitting end to a wave-filled morning. 

Max’s Right has been surfed a lot week due not only to the amazing conditions, but the proximity of the wave to our accommodation, directly out the front. We organise Scotchy, our little timber boat, as a taxi to drop our guests straight into the line up and save their arms for the important stuff – the waves! We farewelled the days by trawling some lures through a glistening ocean at sunset.

Finally, the classic Telo’s Tour was enjoyed by the guides and guests alike, immersing themselves in the traditional island culture and beautiful Indonesian scenery. The swell looks as though it is dropping so we may get more chances to set up those fishing rods and hope for the best.”  Alex Pundyk 

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