Epic Greenbush & Perfect Barrels Rags Rights – Sept Santa Lusia

Last trip our group surfed all around the Mentawais and scored perfect barrels at Rags Rights and an epic Greenbush both exclusive for Santa Lusia guests – the only ones in the line up.


 Besides that they had fun and glassy waves every day including  Nipussi, Burgerworld, 4 Bobs, Macaronis, Rednuts, and Lances Left where they surfed 2 days by themselves as well.  


After surfing every day our guests enjoyed fishing and beach walks for their relaxation time. 


They were a group of 10 friends from Brazil who have been planing this trip for over a year.  They were all stoked that this dream trip came true and they were very happy with the Santa Lusia service. “We got way more than we expected”, Francisco said. They will come back next year!!

Samia  Carolina – Santa Lusia Surf Charter
Photography thanks to Rafael Maduro

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