We are surf travel experts

When you travel with World Surfaris, you guarantee yourself an excellent trip at a great price.

Why choose


Life's complicated

The logistics in arranging every aspect of overseas surf travel can be quite complex.  We hear many horror stories of DIY Surf Travellers.  Our expert Surf Travel Consultants handle all the complexities of your booking with care, so you can relax. Without an experienced Travel Agent, you're on your own. 

Time poor? Increase your wave count

The majority of surfers over 18 years are time poor and often suffering from local surf anxiety. Your time is precious and DIY Surf Trips often result in lost surf time and rip offs. You can trust your World Surfaris expert travel consultant to organise a trip in which your experienced hosts do the hard yards and you enjoy the rewards.

You're not alone

Part of the excitement of overseas travel is the sense of great possibilities and that almost anything could happen. Which is truly wonderful when the happenings are all good. Unfortunately, sometimes they aren't. Using a reliable, reputable surf travel agent means you are not alone. You are effectively travelling with an experienced friend you can call upon at any time and who will help.

Your money is safe

World Surfaris operate a dedicated client TRUST ACCOUNT.  If you book and pay for a trip directly with a foreign overseas operator, you are risking your money reaching its destination.  Is that risk worth it?

Pioneering & Innovating

Our spirit of pioneering and innovation provides significant motivation and underpins our hand-picked surf adventures.  We strive to support sustainable surf tourism and equitable outcomes for the local communities, the families and the expats who have earnt their place as the natural custodians of these very special places.  

Quality Control: our hand-picked range

We believe in quality over quantity and our surf adventure range is hand-picked.  At World Surfaris, we only represent Surf Resort or Surf Charter operators who have proven to be experts with vast experience and a good track record. World Surfaris staff regularly visit the destinations we offer in order to ensure our high standards are being met by tour operators.  So you get the best trip possible for the best possible price.  We stand by the surf adventures we represent and can assure you that the surf trip you choose represents the best quality for your money.

Trusted Aussie Brand

World Surfaris has been a trusted Australian Brand and a licensed Travel Agency since 1997. Despite compulsory licensing being discontinued by the Australian Government in 2014, World Surfaris continues to operate along the best practice business and accounting guidelines established under Government licensing requirements. In addition, World Surfaris has adopted the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) voluntary code of conduct and is an ATAS accredited agent - # A11488.