World Surfaris now tailor-make African surfaris to suit

Mention “Africa” to most people and their eyes light up, their pulse quickens and their smile widens. Then comes the declaration. It’s either “I’ve been and it’s fantastic” or “I’ve always wanted to go – it is SOOO on my bucket list”. Whether it’s for the surf, the wildlife, the people or the ancient landscape – Africa has the lot.  

So, in the World Surfaris’ tradition of surf tourism pioneering and innovating... 

We‘ve been, we’ve seen and we reckon it’s so good, we’ve done something about it. 

In our youthful excitement for surfing in Africa, we initially designed some individual trips to parts of South Africa and Mozambique with set arrival & departure dates.  However, in road testing those trips (hey, it’s what we do with all our trips – that’s why we stand behind each & every one of them), we have learnt that Africa is SOOO big with SOOO much to see & do, that set trip times is not the optimal way to go.  

So here’s the drill.  We need to know who wants to go (young chargers, family with kids, extended family, whoever) and what your priorities are – surf-wise, animal-wise, sights-wise.  

We have a World Surfaris office in South Africa 

That's how committed we are!  We will design, customize & price an African surfari that will surpass your wildest dreams.  

We can put you into all the great surf spots from Madagascar to Mauritius to Mozambique to South Africa and beyond.  (Surf-wise, after sampling one of the points in southern Mozambique, World Surfaris’ Director John Finlay described it as “Double Island Point with cafes and good coffee meets Kirra without the crowds”).  We can put you into any of the great game parks to see the “Big Five” (African Lion, African Leopard, African Elephant, White/Black Rhinoceros & Cape Buffalo) and more.  We can get you to the African sights that you want to see and experience.

All our surf trips are limited to a maximum of 4 surfers, so you are guaranteed personal attention and negligible crowds. Contact us now & we will put together an adventure that will exceed all your African bucket list requirements.


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