Why you need to surf Hudhuranfushi Resort in 2014.

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With June already in the review mirror and July underway you may be thinking lt’s too late to grab a wave in the Maldives in 2014. Well, it's not too late to score the Maldives, in fact the entire Indian Ocean is still switching on. The long and short of it - IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SCORE INDIAN OCEAN PERFECTION IN 2014.

Back to Hudhuranfushi Resort....Hudhuranfushi Resort remains a stand out destination for our clients. The feedback we’ve had this year has been overwhelmingly positive. The capped surfer numbers is a hit...

But you don’t have to take our word for it, the below testimonials pretty much sum up our sentiments perfectly.

Images by the amazing Richard Kotch and correspond to the right month.


Lohis surf break - we surfed it around 3/6 days and had amazing waves and it was either empty or at most we surfed with 4-5 others. Surf guides - Richard and Amy Kotch. Excellent. Unique insights and both great fun, extremely hard working couple whose mission is to get you on the best waves at the right time. This is a huge asset to the resort and hopefully they recognize what a good thing they have and look after these guys.   - Trip advisor post, MirfR1.

Started out on Monday with 2 to 3 feet building swell and got to Wednesday arvo and it was 5 feet and perfect. Woke up Thursday morning with perfect 6 to 8 foot sets and only 9 blokes all day it says a lot for keeping the numbers capped... The boat went to Sultans and there was 40 blokes out and a lot of bad karma. Friday morning surfed at Lohis, Richard took a quick trip to Sultans and came back to get us. We headed to Sultans and found 5 to 6 foot waves glassy as and no one out. We surfed for 4 hours with the seven of us just taking turns on the sets.   - Mick Caddey, travelled June 2014.

Best surf I’ve had for the last 6 years considering my work commitments. Richard and Amy were awesome and couldn’t ask for a better surf guide team, thanks guys! Overall surf was pumping and great to get wet. Speak soon.   - Marcos Cain, travelled June 2014.

Improved boat scheduling with surf guides having ability to change boat schedule to suit conditions, tides, crowds etc. Resulting in uncrowded sessions at Sultans and Jails. Richard and Amy have excellent knowledge of the conditions and breaks and were very good at informing surfers of plans for each day. Overhead all the time. Some days near perfect with minimal crowds, especially at Lohis. I surfed Lohis one day, overhead, blue skies, light offshore, just me and a friend...Stoked!!! I’ve been there 4 times, had great waves each time and the reduced numbers of surfers on the island is a huge improvement. A great surf trip to bring your partner to.   - Greg Mienert, travelled May 2014.

We had a great time, got lots of good waves and met a lot of nice people. I would say that the rule to restrict the island to 35 surfers is fantastic and worth the extra dollars we had to pay. I would strongly urge you to work with the hotel to keep it to this limit. Richard and Amy were fantastic, really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with all the daily updates/suggestions. I will be soon booking my trip for 2015.   - Doug, travelled May 2014.

This has been, by far, my best trip ever. The low number of surfers on the island has made for a really good atmosphere in the water at Lohis and I’ve caught more waves in two days than I have in a week on past trips! It's totally worth the extra money to surf perfect waves with no crowds!   - Daryl Butcher, travelled April 2014.

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