Trip 9 onboard Moon Palikir - Same Same But Different

Although most of our trips are around the Mentawai Islands and we are well familiarised with the waves of this archipelago, we may say our trips are never the same. We always get to know new people coming from different corners of the world, and swell conditions always allow us to create new trajectories that make every trip a new adventure.


In our last trip onboard Moon Palikir, we had two Brazilian brothers who brought four childhood friends for the boat trip. Used to travel the world chasing waves, they already had been in the Mentawais a few times, and were eager to surf The Hole, wave located at the southern end of the archipelago. In addition to this group of friends, we had on board the Brazilian pro surfer Rodrigo “Sino”, which already came in our boats several times, and a very nice couple of surf guides from the Maldives.


The demanding level of the group was high. Luckily we had a good surf report along with wind conditions and the knowledge of the region of our surf guide, which favored to meet everyone's expectations.


After a day in Lances Left for a warmup, we sailed southward, meeting an excellent Macaronis, followed by Greenbush, wave that none of our guests had previously had the pleasure of surfing.


With the wind condition indicating a possible surf to the right, we rushed to Rags Right, one of the most tubular and shallow waves of Mentawai.


The only female guest of the boat, Caitty Griffin, showed that the Maldives taught her very well, and proved it riding several tubes in waves feared by many men, putting inside without hesitating in Greenbush and Rags Right. 


Climate condition kept changing, and we hit some strong storms and heavy rain. So far we didn’t know which world class wave we would surround for the next approaching swell, but a well-aimed shot from our surf guide Kadu Maia, experienced with the climate of these islands, put us to wake up in front of a simply classic The Hole, with just one boat to share the waves with.


We spent two days catching great waves and deep barrels for delight of all members aboard, fulfilling the high expectations of our guests to surf The Hole.


At this point, the trip could already be reported as accomplished with success, due to the great quality level of waves we scored. However, we always want our guests to enjoy their trip up to the last drop, so we surrounded the last swell and moved to Lances Right, where we enjoyed the last day of the trip surfing HT’s until the last ray of light, blessed with a sunset we can only see here in the Ments.


We had 11 days of amazing waves, lots of Bintang, fresh sashimi and tasty barbecue on the deck of Moon Palikir, and one more trip to remember as unique.

Trip 9 - Moon Palikir (21 Jun - 3 Jul 2016)
Report by Gabriela Spinola
Images by Paulo Mendes

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