Telo Island Lodge - Trip 23 arrives as July comes to an end


Trip 23 landed yesterday and has been welcomed with a few crisp and clean little waves to start their trip. Their first surf session happened just 5 minutes away from the lodge, around the corner at the ever-generous Max's Left. Swell was a playful 2-3ft with plenty of fun sections on offer.

After easing into at Max's Left, we saddled up and decided to tackle a few more ambitious waves over at Schoolyards, most of which rolled in at about 3-5ft with the occasional bigger set meandering in. All of our sets were perfectly clean and surf-ready.

And after the first morning in, we have been mixing it up already with another session at Max's Left and Right. It was a little slow out the front, but when they came through they were running down the line.

For the next couple of days, we are expecting fun, energetic waves in the 2-4ft range with a big swell arriving early next week.

8 - Surfers Maximum, 2 - Western Guides, 2 - Speed Boats,
20 - Uncrowded Waves, 1 - Unmatched Surfing Experience


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