Telo Island Lodge: Smooth Sailing in April

5 April 2016 Surf Report thanks to Telo Island Lodge

With the last couple of days providing us with some nice, fun, clean conditions we have surfed and fished ourselves silly.  When the surf was small we went fishing to to one of our favourite spots, and the fish were hitting big time. All the guests caught a nice fish, making the trip well worth it. Everyone had an awesome time out there. Among others, we caught Tuna, Mackerel and a large GT.


We have been surfing Pinnacles, ER, Leba, Schoolyards and Kindy’s. The swell size has been in the waist-to-over-head range at various breaks, and all the guests were having fun catching a bunch of waves.


The swell forecast is looking like it will drop slightly over the next few days but there will still be plenty of waves around for us to surf. Overall, a calm but exciting week, perfect for some fun in the sun, relaxation and rejuvenation.

31 March 2016 Surf Report thanks to Telo Island Lodge

From little waves, BIG WAVES GROW.   Trip 11 is under way with small waves to start the trip off!


We having been venturing out to our small wave location, E.R., and there has been some fun lefts and rights on offer. Waves of 2-4 ft with very light winds have made the surf very rippable, and everyone has been getting their fair share of waves.


Since the surf has been small, we have also taken the guests to explore the amazing coral reefs, capping of a fantastic underwater adventure with some snorkelling through an under water cave. Everyone was enthralled.


Small swell is forecasted for the next couple of days, with a new swell arriving on the weekend.

8 Surfers Maximum, 2 Western Guides, 4 Speed Boats, 20 Uncrowded Waves, 1 Unmatched Surfing Experience

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