Telo Island Lodge - September Surf Report

September at Telo Island Lodge began in superb weather with those classic tropical conditions everyone longs for - sunshine and a glassy ocean set to the pleasant temperature of 27 degrees that characterises this region. The waves also stepped up to deliver 3-6ft faces for the whole month! We housed everyone from rail carving rippers to leisurely long boarders, all getting into some of the waves of their lives at the many breaks the Telo Islands have to offer.

Light Northerly winds (or none at all) have been combining with medium long period swells so depending on the size, we have got to surf all types of breaks, often splitting the group up with our two boats to cater for everyones preference. Max’s left and Pinnacles have dished up some super open user-friendly walls to carve amongst a dreamy backdrop, while Max’s Right and The Bubble have provided everything from barrels, to hittable sections. Le-Ba, GT’s, and Kindies are just some of the many other surf options we’ve got to explore this month.

Swell after swell rolled through in whats been a great “late season” for waves and wind alike. This time of year in the Telos is highly recommended for user friendly waves as we still get quality swells that are generally are not monstrous and the last few weeks have been a prime example of this. October is shaping up to be just as epic!

On behalf of Pegasus Lodges & Resorts, thank you to all of our guests for the fun times in and out of the water. We look forward to continue to share the many waves and massive smiles!

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