Telo Island Lodge - 4 JULY REPORT - We've Been Telo'd

Day 7 of the trip, and we can say the boys are surfed out! With a constant 3-6ft swell and perfect conditions, we have managed to surf many of the waves we have to offer.


Max's Left has been on fire since the start of the trip, where we have had many sessions all to ourselves. Waves ranging from 3-6ft, near to no wind at all and a good bunch of guys sharing waves makes for many memorable sessions. A nice deck to sit back, relax and cheer your mates on is what makes Telo Island Lodge so epic. When the bar is located just meters from where you sit, it is hard to say no to a few Bintangs after a full day of surfing.


A few of the other breaks surfed over the past few days have been Schoolyards, ER, Pinnacles, The Bubble and a very fun early morning session at Le Ba.


Reports are saying the swell is peaking today and tomorrow, drops 2ft then picks up 1-2ft in 3 days time. Winds are looking to stay pretty light for the next 5 days forecast but we may see a change in wind from the NNW around to the SE, which opens up other breaks for the rest of the trip.


All is looking good for a continuous run of waves. That means it's going to be happy days for the rest of the trip!

8 - Surfers Maximum, 2 - Western Guides, 2 - Speed Boats,
20 - Uncrowded Waves, 1 - Unmatched Surfing Experience

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