Sunny Days - Telo Island Lodge

The Telos have been producing epic calm sunny days. With a nice little 3-6ft swell lingering around we have had many fun sessions in the water. ER, Pinnacles, Max’s Left, Kindies and Bubble have been on our hit list, making for good mix of surfing conditions.

A few early morning departures watching the sun rise up over the islands has been an unreal way to start the day. The afternoon low tides have been perfect over at Pinnacles, 3-6ft glassy off shore conditions and a bunch of top blokes always makes for a hell of an afternoon.

Max's Left and ER Left have been kind to the boys - off shore glassy 2-4ft and extremely fun. The Bubble at 2ft this morning put a few smiles on the boys' faces.

Swell report for the next week is looking good; the swell’s staying pretty steady for the next 4 days and increases on the 16th. If all is accurate, it will be a big one.












8 - Surfers Maximum, 2 - Western Guides, 4 - Speed Boats,
20 - Uncrowded Waves, 1 - Unmatched Surfing Experience

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