Sultans/Honkies are open for business

Hi Surfers, take a big sigh of relief as we can assure you Sultans and Honkies WILL be available to surf in 2015. These two waves have been the talk of the town over the past year as Thanburudhoo Island was speculated to be privatised however this is not the case with the Minister of Tourism announcing that Thanburudhoo Island will become a surfing reserve - open for all surfers to enjoy!

Honkies:  Super fun left hander with a mellow takeoff and a big bend. Super whackable but not super consistent

Sultans: Everybody loves Sultans as it's one of the most user friendly rights on the planet with long workable walls and some great barrel opportunities.  Will handle a bit of a crowd due to the length of wave and several take off regions. Extremely consistent!

Cheers, WS 


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