Stumpy locked in for 2015 Handhu Fahli Outer atoll season

HandhuFahli has been a trusty favourite of the World Surfaris, Maldives fleet for the best part of the last decade. She is currently having her hull scrubbed, her stainless polished and engines tuned in preparation for another adventure filled season and her first trip will commence in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll (Outer atolls) in March 2015. Gaafu Dhaalu atoll hosts a dozen amazing reef passes and the only way to experience this is under the guidance of an experienced surf guide and expert crew.  We are happy to report that the one and only Stumpy Wallace will be on board HandhuFalhi yet again for our Outer atoll season.

Stumpy has been with World Surfaris for over a decade and his knowledge of this area is unparalleled. Most guests who have been on this trip will often book again just to have Stumpy as their guide. Also as an added bonus photographer Brett Wortman will be on board for the trips in April to capture all your surfing highlights.

Stumpy and the HandhuFahli will stop at nothing to have you in the very best line ups and will haul anchor at any time to achieve maximum surf time. You will make friends for life and memories to last forever!

The Outer atolls is such a remote, pristine, beautiful location with a bunch of world class waves that will keep all level of surfers stoked. From challenging barrels at Beacons to the long luscious walls of Blue Bowls there is a buffet of surf on offer at this time of the year. We’ve had seasoned Indo campaigners sample the wonders of the Southern Maldives over the past few years and they have been amazed at the quality on offer.

This is definitely a trip not to be missed! Book now before you miss out - Space is scarce due to the short Outer atolls season.

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