Space available on Handhu Fahli Outer Atoll trips

Hi All,

With all the hoopla of Christmas and New Year over and done with it's time to focus your attention on getting yourself away for 2015!!!

Where should you go you ask – well we have the trip for you!

Outer Atoll trips in the Maldives have some rare space available for the upcoming season. The Outer Atolls is a dreamy destination and without bias, the Handhu Fahli charter is hands down the best value and one of the most experienced operating in the region. The guides have been tracking the swell throughout this region for years and have the best experience on getting you to the most remote, uncrowded waves and maximising your surf count.

The Outer Atolls is a paradise that few tourists will ever see. Those who are most fortunate to experience this remote area are only the surf adventurers. The region is like nothing you will ever experience and you will be blown away with how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

Still not sold – then read on….

Handhu Fahli has the team who will get you some of the most amazing waves of your life and under the guidance of legendary surf guide “Stumpy” your Outer Atolls trip is in excellent hands. 

Charters are 11 nights in duration and Stumpy will ensure you achieve maximum surf time. A lot of operators in the region just play follow the leader in the Outer Atolls so it pays to have a guide that knows what they’re doing and which swells will open which breaks. Stumpy goes above and beyond to get you that pristine wave without the crowds in tow. Two of these trips also have Brett Wortman - local Sunshine Coast photographer who will stop at nothing to catch you scoring the wave of your life. Stumpy and the Handhu Fahli crew are your best friends when it comes to getting you empty line ups in the Outer Atolls. 

Available dates are as follows:

07-18 March 2015

04-15 April 2015 - PHOTO TRIP

18-29 April 2015 - PHOTO TRIP

Please note board bags 8 ft and over will be unable to travel on this trip as the aircraft cargo hold cannot accommodate longboards.

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