Santa Lusia's 1st 2016 Surf Charter... Swell after swell as never seen before!!!

May 29th was our official launch of Santa Lusia under new ownership. Our first trip was blessed by 3 swells of 8-9 feet in only 10 days.  I have never seen this before.  Our guests were a mix of nationalities that became a family onboard.  They had so much fun surfing all over the Mentawais from North to South, rights and lefts, shallow barrels to rippable waves, heavy days to easy ones and the result could not be more different… you can see on our photos.  Smiles going from one ear to the other.


The highlights were on big Bank Volts, perfect Suicides, fun Macaronis and a heavy Greenbush on our last day of the trip.


We were particularly stoked to see Santa Lusia looking better than ever before.  All our guests were surprised when they came onboard and saw how nice and cozy it looks.  For a budget price surf charter our guests were overwhelmed with such great food, comfortable rooms with new bed covers, good quality mattresses and pillows, brand new bath towels and a new clean white bathroom.  It was actually so cozy that after lunch all the guests would have a nap or watch a movie in our air-conditioned home theatre …they were too full because such great food was followed by desserts including cakes and ice-cream.


We are stoked with our first charter and for sure we will keep doing our best to be the first of many more. 


Right now Santa Lusia is around the islands scoring perfect surf conditions on our second trip.  We will update you soon about what is going on.  Hope you can make it to come onboard soon!


See you soon!
Samia Carolina - Santa Lusia


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