Santa Lusia Charter Mentawais report for trip 9

Here's the report from the Santa Lusia’s 9th trip for the year:


The southerlies seem to have taken up shop in the ments this year with strong south winds continuing, making for a few bumpy crossings, and writing a few waves off but there's no big problems in the ments and we continue to score fun waves with no crowds, trip 9 was no different.

After we dragged the boys out of the bar in Padang we got them on the boat for a bumpy night across the strait. We arrived in the ments and the crossing was soon forgotten with the guys hooking into a few fun days surfing a bunch of waves up around the Tua Pajet area. Crowds were light and using the speedboat we managed to score a few sessions to ourselves. Crowds remained light as we headed south where we were the only boat at a number of spots including Lances Left, Maccas, Thunders aswell as a few solo days down at super fun and rippable Roxies.

Brent the booga kept the guys pushing themselves in search of bigger waves, showing them how its done in some solid +6ft Thunders, snagging a few barrels and as always throwing in a few spinners to keep the punters happy.

With us entering late season the crowds are getting thinner though the swell keeps coming. There are a few heavily discounted spots on offer in Oct, though if that's too short notice the 2016 schedule is up, check them out at the World Surfaris website for further info.

NIck - Santa Lusia Surfguide

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