Samoan Dreams by Steve Adam

Dreaming of the Pacific?  Forget kids clubs and overpriced resorts, grab the partner (or the crew) and head to SAMOA!

With regular direct flights from both Brisbane and Sydney, the 5 – 5.5 hour flight to Apia is a breeze – flying through the night, you arrive refreshed the next morning to a Samoan Sunrise.

Flight prices vary ($750.00 per person return and up) and tend to shoot up around holiday periods so planning in advance is key to getting great airfares!

Once you’re there you have three options for accommodation:

Samoan Surfaris – An incredible surf-centered operation run by one of the most experienced operators in Samoa, Brent Ross. Small group numbers (max 5 surfers at any time) flexible trip dates and 100% focus on scoring pumping Samoan kegs makes this an excellent option for core surf trips year round. No frills here, just surf, sleep, eat, repeat! With VERY limited availability, this is one to lock in ASAP!


Salani Surf Resort – Fantastic mid-range resort on the south coast of Upolo fronting two of Samoa’s premier waves – Salani Lefts and Salani Right. The surf package gives you unlimited boat access to waves out front (you can save your paddle strength for catching bombs!) which just happen to turn on in Southern Hemi Summer due to favorable wind patterns. The resort has a pool (for holiday feels!) and offers non surf related excursions to any of the many natural wonders dotting the island. It is a Salani Right where the Author has experienced both the thrill and the fear thundering Pacific Perfection can induce!


Aganoa Lodge – A deluxe serving of creature comforts on Upolo’s neighboring Sa’avi, this “luxury” lodge fronts another set of Samoa’s two premier waves – Aganoa Left and Aganoa Right. Beachfront Fales quite literally front Aganoa lagoon meaning your always watching the surf. Excellent option for a romantic getaway/surf trip, expect excellent food, great surf and plenty to do and see (blowholes, waterfalls, snorkeling, fishing …).


Samoa truly is the kind of well-manicured tropical garden-esque  paradise one would imagine when visualizing the a Pacific Island.  Green Mountainous interior sloping all the way down to the coastline, waterfalls, waterholes (To Sua Ocean trench – Majestic!), delightful village homesteads and friendly locals, Sunday BBQ’s on every corner.  This means it’s no hard sell to non-surfers. There is more than enough to keep everyone entertained and occupied!

From a surf perspective Samoa thunders, serving up some solid Pacific juice at exposed reefs, refracting into friendly, more manageable corners but always powerful!  The South Coast receives swell all year round and whilst the Southern Hemisphere summer generally coincides with less constant large south swell- the South Coast spots pick up a sparrows farts, so it is rarely flat. And… There is also always a chance of a North swell...

Surfer, non-surfer, Hellman charger or flat water SUP enthusiast, Samoa caters for all.

*My Tips:

Taking an all-rounder with a heavier glass job could save you the anguish of resorting to your backup board on day 2.

A great place to test your metal in some juice, take that extra stroke! (or see previous tip).

There are two styles of local beer, One is very strong but they may have something to do with the sun burn and lack of H2O consumed throughout my stay.

Hit a local roadside BBQ. Delicious chicken and more Taro root then you will ever be able to finish!

Go to Sua Ocean Trench, it is a real sight to behold!


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