Samoa for the win

Hi All,

Here at World Surfaris our computers are chock full of drool worthy images from far off dreamy destinations. Despite how great this sounds it can be quite painful though.... how? Because these places look amazing, palm trees, white sands, azure water, clean waves without a drop of water out of place and so much more. Sitting behind the desk and staring at the images it's impossible not to let the mind wander. The painful part comes when the home time bell rings and the local fails to deliver....AGAIN! If ever you’ve checked out our facebook or instagram accounts I’m sure you’ll understand.

Anyway, long story short we were asked to source some images for the tropical wonder land of Samoa this morning and found these beauties.

Enjoy them if you can but if you’re like us you’ll stare forlornly at the screen and let the mind do its thing.

Thanks for reading



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