PNG Explorer - Trip 9 - It was all a dream...

Having just returned back from what seems just like a dream, we're happy to let you know dear viewer that the surf is still pumping here in PNG.

The charter started with fun sized conditions and an uncommon swell direction for PNG, none the less it was still fine for one of our reefs. So the decision to go scope it out was made pretty quickly. At first it seemed a little off but after an afternoon session of pulling in fish and drinking beer we decided to let the break rest overnight and we planned to hit it on the morning offshore.

Our patience paid off and the next day was spent living the dream… perfect fun overhead waves and nobody in the clear tropical water other than the friends you came on the trip with. In-between sessions the skipper tied off a stern line around a rock on the lagoons barrier reef so we could anchor right up close to the coral giving us an elevated pristine Pacific Ocean beer garden. The guests also managed to spare some time to collect a reasonable catch of lobsters for the afternoon barbeque.

With a shift in swell direction the skipper made the call that it was time to exit the beer garden as he had a feeling the wave pool zone was about to get its switch turned to Go and like that we packed up, started the engine and pointed the good ship for greener pastures.

On arrival at the wave pool and there must have been a problem with the main pump because she was flat and just as we were about to call in a fishing session the first set rolled through, then another, then another 3 and seemingly on command it was PUMPING. The new swell had plenty of body getting into the well over-head range. We had the left firing, Valla peeling like it would never end and the Slab doing what the Slab does, …Tubing its head off. The crew decided to diversify spreading across the three breaks to give an appallingly high crowd factor of three per break!

That was pretty much how the rest of the charter went, the waves never let up and if anything rose slightly in size. On the way back home we took the time to have a little chill out and unwind from the non -stop surf filled 10 days with our obligatory drift snorkel/beer float combo in the white sand passage.

Shout outs to Brenton for second-to-none medical work and Toby for giving the slab a serious nudge.  I think its fair to say we will see these guests again soon.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great trip.
Lukim Yu.

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Report and photography thanks to Chris Peel


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