PNG Explorer - Trip 6 Surf Report

We are freshly back from trip 6 and as the charts suggested the swell has not stopped. The wind on the other hand has proven tricky with the all day session put to the side while we work around the winds that have currently been around. Though even when it’s windy there is always somewhere to go, you just have to know when. As mentioned earlier while this non stop swell is around we will keep reports short and let the images tell the story.

And yes there is more on the way, a very very happy PNG EXPLORER at the moment.


Another thanks to PNG's unique surf management plan which keeps the surf numbers sustainable - every surfer who joins us pay a fee to book into this surf quota, and $ that goes to local communities where we surf.


For all bookings on PNG Explorer its time to set your sites on Season 20/21! She's such a popular girl, its hard to get a date! 

Please email the World Surfaris team and we will help you out. The advantage of booking so far in advance is you have a long time to save those pennies! 

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