PNG Explorer - Trip 3 Surf Report

Greetings from the sleepy South Pacific. While our friends up in the North Pacific have been wallowing in an abundance of swell and storm after storm lighting up Hawaii and the USA West coast things have been a bit more subdued down here in PNG.

The beat goes on though and with our ace relief captain on board we managed to surf most days in waves that were pretty high on the fun factor. The general prescription issued by the surf doctor was 1 x 2.5hr sessions taken twice daily morning and afternoon.

Our first zone was the regular bread and butter that delivered fun rights and even a hint of action at the slab after which we steamed 12 hours North to a less frequently visited island group to chase down some clear water action in the PNG version of Jurassic Park.

This trip we had long time PNG fan Andrew Mooney aboard along with his brother Matt and Rangi, Bryce and Phil. The boys are all pretty good surfers and keen fishermen so anything that moved was blasted to water vapour pretty fast and between sessions the fishing got a solid workout.

Chef and his team of Lynelle and Jane in F&B kept the fuel up and we got to try some amazing local treats such as estuary clams and mangrove snails along with all the regular organic produce. The sunsets were amazing, beer was ice cold (Only thing colder was the air con) and 5 Aussies got off the boat smiling.

Trip 4 is inbound, the hilux is waiting to grab the guests, the smell of all sorts of organic fruits and vegies is filling the galley, fresh crisp white sheets are on every bed, the surf mud is in the sunscreen station, the wax is in the shade, the 50-board board racks are waiting, both tenders are fuelled up, the play lists and JBL speakers are ready and most importantly swell is on the way.

Special thanks to the Surfing Association Of Papua New Guniea and the unique surf management plan that keeps the surfer numbers sustainable. Every surfer who joins PNG Explorer pays a fee to book into this surf this fee goes to the local communities where we surf.



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