PNG Explorer - Trip 13 - The Last Hurrah

By the time you read this our boards will be in bags and stashed till next season and the dive tanks and fishing equipment will be getting dusted off. Our last trip was great fun and we had a variety of conditions across the ten days. 
The fishing got a pretty solid workout and the Travalley really stepped up this trip so we had to accommodate them and a number made it to the barby and ultimately the plates of the fellas that caught them. We also had the good fortune to begin the process of upgrading our catering on this trip and had Joe from Joechef in Byron Bay on board to check the produce and systems in preparation for next season and the planned upgrades.

Waves wise we had a mixed bunch but all in all it was super fun with a variety of surf from challenging to mellow. The guests seemed to spend plenty of time smiling and got to ride a variety of equipment and a variety of breaks.

We also took the time to take the guests on some of the cool jungle tours to check out the WW2 artefact’s and life ashore on one of the outer islands.

All in all this was another great adventure to wrap up our surfing for the season. A special thanks goes out to all our guests that were aboard this season and we look forward to seeing you as well as some new friend in the 2017/18 season.

Our focus now turns to the other activities in PNG as well as a journey south to Cairns for Explorer's improvements and a refit and a journey north for our new vessel Ultimate 1. We will have regular updates across the next few months along with an all-new look to the website and a bunch info for past guests and new alike.

PNG Explorer Charters
Report and photography thanks to Chris Peel

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