PNG Explorer - Trip 11 Surf Report

Discovery In The North

Greetings from an unfamiliar port.

Around this time of year after a season full of waves and our eye starting to wander from familiar waves the urge to let the boat veer off the normal waypoints gets strong. This last trip the drive to look over the horizon and a favourable forecast saw us head to a zone we are slowly bringing online break by break, smile by smile and cold beer by cold beer … surf exploration … our main gig.

The night before the guests arrived saw us gathered around our slowly corroding apple laptop computers staring at every swell chart and weather forecasting site we could lay our cursor on, if you looked through the wheel house windows it would have been like a couple of gypsies peering into a crystal ball. The big decision had to be made, take the punt and head out into the unknown and possibly score or go with what we know and maybe miss a swell of the season.

As you know it’s called Explorer for a reason and Captain Rigby loves to take a punt.

A journey up a volcano, a hike up through a jungle to see some blow holes and a few quick surfs at some waves we found last year and put on the roster on the edge of our proposed zone right on dark. With no chance to even get out to the reef edge to check things a night of broken sleep was shared by all.

Pre-dawn gave way to daybreak and a gentle rock of the boat and what appeared to be flumes of white water coming off the back of waves greeted us … Boom, game on. We had options of a long tubing right and a mellow point break right that was being compared to Lowers in California.

The setting was like most of the backdrops here and pristine jungle reaches to the waters edge and a series of tucked away coves and small offshore islands surround the breaks. Needless to say sunburn was prominent, out-numbered only by smiles and empty mud crab shells. This area is on the map and fully proven now and will feature more and more in our travels.

We also ventured back to a very heavy left -hander that despite two visits is yet to be surfed. Its time is coming … any pro level surfers out there up for naming a clean-skin?

Once again we couldn’t have done this trip without our long-term valued guests. They put their trust in us and let us take the punt, and are in no small way responsible for this whole new zone opening up. Big thanks to Matt, Kevin, Johnny, Adan, Jason, Will, Evan and Louis.


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