PNG Explorer - Trip 10 Surf Report

Going Left.

Well Ladies & Gentlemen we are back after another 10 days filled with what we do best. As a-lot of you would be aware of PNG has had some pretty strong wind of late. That same system that graced the Australian east coast with swell has been giving us some pretty constant wind. What did this mean for us? Well it meant that all the left handers were offshore and you had to pick your times for the rights mainly being the LARGO (late arvo glass off). Though we did get some cracking right handers this trip was for sure, about the lefts. smooth long lefts with a tube section at the end being the daily menu for the guests of trip 10. Was awesome to have a bunch of legends join us and open the beer garden at the Slab for the LARGO. Next trip has a pretty special swell and wind combo coming and should see us revisiting a new find from the start of the season.

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