PNG Explorer - Trip 10 - Memory lane

Good pla day to you all, it's our pleasure to bring you the Trip 10 surf report.

The waves in the South Pacific haven’t slowed down for the past 10 days with some solid swell being pushed across the reefs of PNG.
The mighty MV Explorer started out this expedition in nice head high conditions with all breaks on the pump. Opening opportunity for everyone to find their feet with an easy entry into the waves of PNG.

By day 3 Huey took a little breather with waves in the waist high range. With a change in swell direction and a quick over-night steam to an outer island we woke up to over head waves in crystal clear water and not another soul around.  The guests made the most of the pristine and what followed was days of mussel stretching sessions. We also went ashore to check out a old WWII American air base as we often do in this region and again it proved to be a great experience for everyone and a trip down memory lane for our guest Matt who's Grandfather had fought in this area during WW2. It was also a great opportunity to go visit a local school on the island and donate some items that the guests had brought with them.

In-between all this surfing and adventuring there was fishing. As usual it lived up to expectation with a complete mixed bag of fish caught every session and a solid amount of beer consumed to go with it.

With the swell on the rise again we pulled the anchor and headed full steam back to the wave pool zone arriving with the swell and it was all beer and smiles. All three breaks were doing their thing with the left offering 200m plus rides, The Slab dishing out caravan sized tubes and Valla serving up perfect peeling rights. With such great conditions everyone agreed to hang out for the remainder of the charter and surf their brains out.

As we mentioned last report there is some exciting news for next season and that's our new vessel … yep you heard that right. PNG Surfaris will be opening up a new operational zone we have been researching for the past 5 years will introduce PNG EXPLORER II "ULTIMATE ONE" to our operation.

This luxury vessel will be operating from Dec-March as part of a collaboration with Riccard Riemann and his world famous Baia sports fishing lodge and will provide access to all new waves and areas at a level of comfort never before seen in PNG. In addition we will also offer amazing fishing expeditions aboard from May - Nov.  The official press release and full details along with a schedule will be dropping in the coming days so stay tuned.

That concluded trip 10 and trip 11 is going out tonight.

Lukim Yu in 10 days.

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Report and photography thanks to Chris Peel

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