PNG Explorer - Trip 1 Surf Report

It’s called 'Explorer' for a reason!

Well ladies and gentlemen we are officially back and so is surf season!

We are pleased to welcome the 2018/19 surf season with extremely fun conditions and exceptional fishing conditions.

Trip one started out with a odd swell direction and not the most promising outlook on the forecast (for the untrained eye) for us. Though we have been in this situation before and the good skipper is always looking for a reason to pull out our stash of Google earth wave possibility’s.

With the thought of nothing ventured nothing gained in our heads we steamed forward into the direction of adventure.

We arrived to some morning sickness and thoughts of perhaps a skunking. Then a tide changed and the wind swung and we welcomed a NEW wave to our list “Tollys’’.

After a few days of non stop surf and a slight change in swell direction it was time to continue on to familiar grounds.

We enjoyed fun head high to over head conditions throughout the whole charter and after 8 days of four hour session and non stop spooling of fishing reels the call was made to enjoy some of the cultural beauty this country has to offer.

We would like to say thank you to our guests from trip 1 for their generous donation of two surfboards to one of our surf clubs.

Thank you to PNG's unique surf management plan which keeps the surf numbers sustainable - every surfer who joins us pay a fee to book into this surf quota, and $ that goes to local communities where we surf.



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