Pinnacles & Max’s Right have been TIL's favourite spots this August...

This August at Telo Island Lodge delivered delicious conditions for everything from paddle boards to party waves and just reminded us once again that we are incredibly lucky to have such a diversity of waves at our finger tips!


Everyone knows that this season in Indonesia is characterised by beautiful lines of consistent South swell marching their way across the Indian Ocean for our aquatic enjoyment, which ultimately results in a swarm of surfers beelining to the “known” breaks to hopefully snag the wave of their lives. But here in the Telo’s, our guests can escape the circus and still immerse themselves in the same amazing conditions this area of the world has to offer. 


The good times have been flowing amongst the playful 3-6ft of swell we’ve seen wrapping around the many reefs welcoming it to the Telo’s. Pinnacles and Max’s Right have been our favourite spots this month, both pieces of paradise we have chosen to call home for our two luxurious surf lodges, but not the only options we have for surfing with numerous other waves only 20 minutes away. The lodges this August have hosted mal riders, paddle boarders, surfers and all around ocean lovers who have enjoyed taking advantage of the glassy mornings, awesome afternoons and evenings filled with laughs, beers and gourmet food.


Thank you to all of our guests for sharing the smiles, fun and world class waves of course. 

Surf Report thanks to Alex Pundyk

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