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Check out Aura's month by month pictorial rundown of the waves enjoyed throughout 2014.  Being in North Sumatra has an obvious advantage over other parts of Indonesia with longer swell windows and not relying on the trade winds for great surf.  If you're wondering when's the best time to score your share of waves... well every month delivers the goods as you're about to see...  Big thanks to photographers Brian Blank, Chris Immler and Matty Hodge for the years pics.

January- The swell may be smaller in the low season but still plenty of fun waves on offer.  Perhaps a few degrees hotter, but the empty line-ups make up for that.  Venturing out from the resort to explore some of the beautiful beaches on the island, the boys wind up the day with a nice arvo session. 

February- What better way to start your day than peering out the window and seeing waves like this peeling down the Peak.  The forecasted swell arrives and sends the boys scrambling to get out the back.

March- Consistent swell and great conditions throughout the month as the peak season kicked into gear and gave a taste of what to expect for the rest of the year.  Quality waves all over the island as the Aura guides give the guests the island tour. 

April- The Volcom crew (with the likes of Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne, Parker Coffin, Andrew Doheny, Balaram Stack and Carlos Munoz) return for their second stay at Aura and light the place up with more airs than you could poke a bamboo stick at.  30 days straight of waves like this out front kept guests happily occupied.  Cameras rolling, pancakes flipping and plenty of board swapping. 

May- A few day trips for a change of scenery and the guests find themselves enjoying another secret spot to themselves.  While some of the guests are scoring at the secret spots there's still plenty of action out front at the Peak. 

June- Waves all over the island as the run of swell continues.  A short boat trip to another empty line-up.  We show a heap of pics of the peak left but the right holds its own too. Some solid days throughout June bring it to life. 

July- More boat trips to take advantage of the big swells arriving this month as the boys score another epic session with no one else around.  The bigger boards come in handy throughout July. 

August- More boat trips and more barrels.  Always a pretty reliable time of the year, waves on offer at loads of places around the island keep the guests busy. 

September- The Peak keeping things interesting throughout the year with September no exception.  Some great days away from the Aura grounds at the spots that require bigger swell. 

October- A lot of Peak sessions this month as the most consistent wave on the island lives up to its reputation.  Heading away from Aura and the guests score some of the best rights in the area. 

November- While most parts of Indo felt the brunt of the trade winds, the Aura front yard Peak keeps delivering plenty of playful waves.  The Peak right favouring the increased west influence in the swell direction

December-  As most people prepare for Christmas the best gift of blue skies and solo sessions keep on coming.  Another Epic year! 


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