The 'NEW' Santa Lusia

Those who have been on the Santa Lusia in the past know that it is one of the best value surf charters in the Mentawais. At less than AU$3,000 for 10 days surfing in this magical surf destination, you can’t go wrong!

The Santa Lusia was recently sold and purchased by a lovely Brazilian couple who have added what some describe as the only missing piece of the puzzle to an otherwise fantastic value operation!

Samia and Marco are a young, fun-loving couple who love nothing more than showing off this beautiful stretch of tropical islands and amazing quality surf!  

It has to be said, the boat is looking stunning and for a budget surf charter, you are getting a lot more than you paid for with Santa Lusia.

The new look Santa Lusia features new lounges, fresh paint job of the entire boat, a new chef and crew, new mattresses and bed linens and most importantly a new engine that is faster and more powerful, allowing guests to jump between breaks throughout the Mentawai island chain with ease.

We recently sat down with the new owners, Samia and Marco to find out more about them personally and what they have done to improve an already fantastic surf charter!


1.       Samia and Marco, please tell us a bit about yourselves. Where are you from? How long have you been surfing? Why do you surf?

Marco and I are from Brazil. Marco has been surfing for about 30 years and I have been surfing for 13 years. Surfing is our life! The best way to enjoy life, have fun, feel some adrenaline, to be fit and to connect with nature.


2.       Why did you decide to purchase Santa Lusia and how did the opportunity come about?

It was always our dream to work doing what we love. We love the Mentawais, we love to surf and we love to have good people around us! It is priceless to help surfers dream come true. Marco and I got married in the Mentawais last September, we spent all season on the Islands and we were looking for a charter. When the opportunity for Santa Lusia came about we grabbed it with both hands and haven’t looked back!


3.       Do you have any previous experience in the surf or tour operator industry?

Marco has many years experience in tourism, I am a Journalist and presenter of a Surf and Travel TV Show for about 4 years. I have been in Indonesia for about 8 years and beside traveling and surfing around the Islands for my TV show I worked on boats and resorts in the Mentawais before. Marco and I had a little boat in the Mentawais and we were taking people surfing and doing photography and videography as well for the last 3 years.


4.       What changes have you made to the Santa Lusia since taking over?

We have renovated it completely!! Santa Lusia needed some love and we have put a lot of effort into bringing it up to a great standard!  We replaced everything that was old inside and outside, including the ceiling, walls, a totally new white bathroom, new sofa, new bed covers, sheets, pillows and pillow cases (all best quality),  the kitchen utilities, new freezer and refrigerator and the most important for safety is the new engine! We replaced everything needed to make sure the boat runs perfectly on our trips. We have got new crew ready to serve as best they can. Our new chef is experienced in Indonesian and Western cuisine so he provides 3 extremely tasty meals for the guests each day. So far the feedback has been 5 stars about the food quality and taste, so we are very happy with that!


5.       Why should people book a charter on the new Santa Lusia? What makes your boat different to the rest in the Mentawai range?

For starters we are the cheapest 10 berth surf charter in the Mentawais. We have a maintenance team keeping the structure and engine in good condition, it is way more comfortable than the old Santa Lusia, it is clean and has an exceptional chef who produces quality food. Marco and/or I will always be onboard to treat our guests well. We do not see Santa Lusia as a business to make a lot of money but we love the lifestyle and that is why it is so cheap compared to the other charters. We want to make surfers dreams come true on a budget!


 6.       What goals do you have for Santa Lusia in the future?

We just want people to be happy and surfing incredible waves every time they do a trip on Santa Lusia. It makes everything worthwhile when you see your guests come back exhausted from a 5 or 6 hour surf with a huge smile on their faces! For Marco and I, that is the reason we got into this business and we hope we can continue on this journey for the foreseeable future.


7.       Tell us a bit about your crew and surf guide?

We have an expert crew with many years working on charter boat. Our Captain has over 20 years experience in the islands and even discovered many of the breaks in the early days. Our engineer has been with Santa Lusia for 10 years and our chef has worked on surf charters for many years also.  Marco has been in the Mentawais for the last 3 years and he is a great surf guide spending lots of time studying all the swell directions, degrees, wind direction and tides to capitalize on the best surf on each and every day.


8.       What do you like most about the Mentawai Islands?

We love the Mentawais! So many options of waves so close by to each other... Besides the surf, the beauty is stunning. Beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, so much marine life, amazing sunsets and to share this with new friends each charter is priceless! 


9.       What is your favourite wave in the Mentawais and why?

Samia - My favourite is Lances Right (HT’s) as it is where I learned how to get barreled.  Marco - Loves Rifles because he can get 3 barrels in one long and fascinating ride!


10.   If you could be any surfer, who would it be and why?

Samia – Any of the top WSL girls as they are all an inspiration for me.  Marco – Would love to surf like Mick Fanning. So fast, so stylish and such a lovely guy.


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