Moon Palikir and Star Koat: the last two months

Hi surfers,

Another weekend has zoomed by. How’d it go for you? Did you get out? Score some waves? Was it enough, are you sated? If you’re anything like us it was just enough to whet your appetite. Now with the working week looming large in front of you, you want more. Well.... it just so happens that our very good friends from Moon Palikir and Star Koat passed on some juicy images from April and May this year. So whilst we can’t plant you squarely into pumping sets, we can offer you the opportunity for an unreal mind surf throughout the Mentawais.

Both vessels are offering a couple of spaces/ trips on special, so if the opportunity to score the waves below is appealing, then it' certainly worth visiting the pages and sending on an inquiry.

Enjoy the spectacular surf images from the Mentawais. If the travel bug is biting you know who to call.

p: 1800 611 163 │ e: [email protected]


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