Mentawais from top to bottom onboard Moon Palikir / Star Koat

June has been a blessed month for our boats in the Ments. With back-to-back swells kicking in since early May, it has been a non-stop surf blowing the minds of the lucky surfers sailing around the islands.

Last trip, while Moon Palikir was down south surfing a “Theahupo like” Greenbush with a bunch of aussies aboard, the other boat of the fleet, Star Koat, was up north in front of the greatest Rifles we’ve had for the past years. 

We had the Australian boys on Moon Palikir literarly rocking the boat, no mater how the conditions were, they were always having the best time. During the great swell that hit Greenbush like a bomb, they were out there surfing the deepest barrels, and even fooling around on a kaiak dressed like ladies, while the guests from the other boats around were terrified with the thickness of the lip from The Bush! 


And when the swell went away and we had 2 days of stormy weather, there were the aussies making their own surf comp in a wave that’s not even listed on the maps! You guys are legends!! 


From Star Koat we had a group of guests from many different countries, and they just couldn’t believe their eyes when we anchored in front of an epic Riffles at the first day of the trip. The wave, considered the best right in the world, was in the best condition it can get, with the proper south swell and northwest wind. Our lucky guests had the time of their lives. Couldn’t forget to mention our 67 year old south-african guest, Mr. Neville. With a young man’s nerves he went for the sickest waves all trip, full of energy and great humor, an example to be followed!


This season is really pumping, and the Mentawais shows why it is no doubt a best bet surf destination. 

Surf Report thanks to Gabriela Spinola - Mentawais Surf Charters
Photos Trip 8 - Moon Palikir - photographer Diogo Dorey
Photos Trip 8 - Star Koat - photographer Bruno Veiga 

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