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It' been an amazing and exciting season across the Indian Ocean so far. May has been delivering off the charts. Our Maldives reporters are raving about epic conditions in a quiet line up and have had regular sessions leaving the water with surf sore shoulders and utterly fulfilled! Indo similarly HAS been pumping!

Our surf charter guests are coming back with epic tales and the images to back up their big fish stories. This latest offering comes from the surf rich land of the Telos Islands. Positioned just north of the Mentawais, the Telos Island region captures a tonne of swell and by the time it has made its long trek over the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean it arrives as well groomed, clean lines of almost corduroy perfection. Albeit not quite as big as its southern counterparts throughout the Mentawais. Trust us though, if you’re going then you’re in for a hell of a time.

The below photos come in from our very good great friends at Telos Surf Retreat. Have a flick through and let us know your thoughts, there are some spaces still available at this picture perfect surf retreat, if you act quickly!

Enjoy the shots

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