March Report from Resort Latitude Zero

Here is the latest from the guys at Resort Latitude Zero.

With a sneaky Sumatran swell creeping into the Telo Island region the RLZ guests were charged and ready.  The 60 year old grommet group racked up an amazing number of hours in the water, leaving the younger guests baffled.  Lengthy lefts and racy rights were on offer throughout the region.  The sunset stories, recaping the day's events, was another highlight for all involved.  Great times had by all the Shoulder Season guests... - Latitude Larry   23.03.2015  

This week in the Telo Islands, there was a fenzy of good friends vying for the perfect wave at RLZ.  The classic left and right reef passes, big smiles and perfect conditions are keeping these return guests and new comers stoked.  Yewww.  - Adz   20.03.2015

Fun waves over the last couple of days here in the Telo Islands, North Sumatra.  We’ve seen stormy mornings turn into cloudless afternoons, showing how variable the conditions are here right on the equator, with memorable glass off sessions.  Plenty of waves are forecast for the coming days!  – Rob   17.03.2015

The waves have hang in there a little longer then expected with a slight upgrade in the swell forecast.  The past two days saw fun sized 3 to 4ft waves some mellow some hollow, for all levels to enjoy the delights of Sumatra, happy guests here at Latitude Zero.  – Chad   14.03.2015  

A good consistent run of swell for the first half of this week at Latitude Zero.  Waves have remained in the head high and up region. 3 to 5ft with the odd bigger one at exposed reefs, the variable winds opening up the door to a variety of spots.  Paradise Island!  – Chad   11.03.2015

Fun waves and great weather here in the Telo Islands, North Sumatra. Head high waves, light winds and sunny skies have greeted our guests here at Resort Latitude Zero.  With waves varying from cruisy walls to hollow beach breaks, there has been a little something to suit everyone. After all the hard work we return to our paradise island for much deserved cocktails by the pool.  But we can’t relax for too long, with a predicted bump in swell for the start of next week. Stay tuned!  – Rob   08.03.2015



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