June Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch

Just in from Richard Kotch at Hudhuranfushi Resort:


Unfortunately, here at Hudhuranfushi we only received a fraction of the energy from one of the biggest southern ocean storms in years - the predominant swell direction was SW meaning that the bulk of the swell was heading away from us straight to Indo. Not that our guests were disappointed, in fact many openly expressed relief that they were not going to be faced with 10ft Lohis on the first day of their trips, instead we had a consistent 3-5ft of initially bumpy but eventually pristine South swell that gave fun conditions at all the waves in the area and a very nice way to see out the month. 

Prior to "the swell that wasn’t quite” it had been a funny old month. Plenty of swell but some less than perfect winds had once again meant that guests had to choose between bumpy but un-crowded Lohis or clean but busy Jails and Sultans. Neither were bad options, especially as the swell didn’t drop below 3ft for the entire month, but we didn’t really have one of the  'stand out' swells that we would have normally expected/hoped to have in June. We did have a 45 min window of absolute perfect Lohis between squalls on the 4th but it was so short lived that most guests were either on the deck or scrambling to paddle out while it was at it’s best.

All things considered it wasn’t a bad month to be in the Maldives - any time you go on a surf trip and get to surf twice a day, everyday you’re winning so we will leave it at that!

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